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Comparison of adsorption and selectivity characteristics for 4-nitrophenol imprinted polymers prepared via bulk and suspension polymerization

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dc.contributor.author Say, R.
dc.contributor.author Ersöz, A.
dc.contributor.author Şener, I.
dc.contributor.author Atilir, A.
dc.contributor.author Diltemiz, S.
dc.contributor.author Denizli, A.
dc.date.accessioned 2019-08-16T11:39:47Z
dc.date.available 2019-08-16T11:39:47Z
dc.date.issued 2004
dc.identifier.issn 01496395 (ISSN)
dc.identifier.uri http://acikerisim.pau.edu.tr:8080/xmlui/handle/11499/4995
dc.description.abstract This manuscript describes a method for the selective removal of phenolic compounds from aqueous medium by imprinted polymers, which is the noncovalent approach based on both hydrogen bonding and hydrophobic interaction. These imprinted polymers were prepared by both bulk polymerization (IP1) and suspension polymerization (IP2) of methacryloylantipyrine (MAAP) in the presence of azobisisobutyronitrile (AIBN) as an initiator and cross-linking EGDMA and was imprinted with 4-nitrophenol. The effect of polymerization technique (bulk and suspension) on the adsorption and selectivity of phenolics was investigated. The maximum adsorption capacities of these IP1 and IP2 polymers were 25.9 and 27.6 mg/g for 4-nitrophenol, respectively. It was observed that the 4-nitrophenol binding capacity decreased with increasing pH. The selectivity experiments showed that the polymer prepared via suspension polymerization has high-binding ability for 4-nitrophenol to other phenolics compared to the polymer prepared via bulk polymerization.
dc.language.iso English
dc.relation.isversionof 10.1081/SS-200028939
dc.subject Adsorption of phenol
dc.subject Bulk and suspension polymerization
dc.subject Molecularly imprinted polymer (MIP)
dc.subject Phenol
dc.subject Adsorption
dc.subject Hydrogen bonds
dc.subject Hydrophobicity
dc.subject pH effects
dc.subject Polymers
dc.subject Bulk polymerization
dc.subject Hydrophobic interaction
dc.subject Nitrophenols
dc.subject Suspension polymerization
dc.subject Phenols
dc.subject 2 nitrophenol
dc.subject 4 nitrophenol
dc.subject chlorophenol
dc.subject cresol
dc.subject phenol derivative
dc.subject polymer
dc.subject adsorption
dc.subject phenol
dc.subject polymerization
dc.subject article
dc.subject bulk polymerization
dc.subject capillary electrochromatography
dc.subject molecular imprinting
dc.subject pH
dc.subject suspension polymerization
dc.subject synthesis
dc.title Comparison of adsorption and selectivity characteristics for 4-nitrophenol imprinted polymers prepared via bulk and suspension polymerization
dc.type Article
dc.relation.journal Separation Science and Technology
dc.identifier.volume 39
dc.identifier.issue 15
dc.identifier.startpage 3471
dc.identifier.endpage 3484
dc.identifier.index Scopus

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