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  • Aydogan, B; Usta, N (2019)
    Thermal insulation is very important issue in many industrial applications and different materials are preferred to satisfy the thermal insulation depending on the applications. One of the most important properties of the ...
  • Kadakal, C; Tepe, TK (2019)
    One of the most important spoilage factors of foods is molds. Therefore, it is important to determine the presence of mold in foods quickly because of the deterioration of aroma, flavor, appearance, and textural structure ...
  • Caylak, O; Elci, SG; Hol, A; Akdogan, A; Divrikli, U; Elci, L (2019)
    An aminated Amberlite XAD-resin as a solid phase extractant was tested for speciation of inorganic mercury, Hg (II) and methylmercury, MeHg(I) in water and fish tissue samples. It was found that Hg(II) and MeHg(I) ions ...
  • Inci, D; Koseler, A; Zeytunluoglu, A; Aydin, R; Zorlu, Y (2019)
    Dipeptidyl peptidase-IV (DPP-IV) is one of the mammalian serine proteases participated in the pathogenesis of diseases and DPP-IV inhibitors are now widely used as antidiabetic drugs. A new water soluble ternary copper ...
  • Akkoc, Y; Bardak, AN; Ersoz, M; Yilmaz, B; Yildiz, N; Erhan, B; Tunc, H; Koklu, K; Alemdaroglu, E; Dogan, A; Ozisler, Z; Koyuncu, E; Atalay, NS; Gunduz, B; Isik, R; Guler, A; Sekizkardes, M; Demir, Y; Yasar, E; Sasmaz, E; Satir, O (2019)
    Background: Review of the literature clearly reveals that little is known about the association between functional and mental status, and Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction (LUTD) in patients with stroke. Objective: The aim ...

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